Catawba Correctional Center Inmates Paint New Exodus Homes Building

Catawba Correctional Center Paints New Exodus Building

Jason Davis and Donald Young are seen painting the interior of the new Exodus Thrift Store at 610 4th St. SW in Hickory. The purchase of the new Exodus building is part of a $1,057,000 capital campaign that is underway now. When open, it will house the Exodus Thrift Store, Exodus Homes offices, Exodus Works vocational training enterprises, education and meeting rooms, and a non-profit sharing center.

HICKORY – When the Exodus Homes’ new building at 610 4th St. SW in Hickory was ready for interior painting, it was natural to ask the inmates at Catawba Correctional Center for help. The faith-based United Way agency that provides supportive housing for homeless recovering people wanted to give the men from the prison in Newton an opportunity to help get the building ready for it’s grand opening which is planned for September 29, 2018.  For the past 20 years, Exodus Homes has served many men from Catawba Correctional Center with housing, weekly community visits for church and special events, as well as going into the prison with special programs. The men from the prison are grateful for all Exodus has done for them over the years. “I like having an opportunity to give back to a community that I took so much from ” said Jason Davis. Donald Young added “I used to live right down the road from this building and I want to see my neighborhood improve and thrive.” James Johnson said “I wanted to be part of something where I can make a difference in my community”. Sean Jennings agreed saying “I love Exodus so much because they give us the tools we need to rehabilitate ourselves. That is part of our recovery”. The chaplain’s clerk John Turner  said “It’s exciting to get out in society again and be a productive citizen making a contribution.”

The Rev. Reggie Longcrier is the chaplain of Catawba Correctional Center  as well as the founding executive director of Exodus Homes. “This is an awesome opportunity to be able to bring them out for this cause. They were eligible, able, and willing. The inmates at the prison are part of the Exodus Movement too.”