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Call us today!  Contact Exodus Works Administrator Angie Benge at 828-324-2390 to schedule any Moving, Landscaping Jobs, or for any Donation Pick-Ups.

Exodus Works are insured job-creating enterprises of Exodus Homes, a private non-profit United Way agency that provides faith-based supportive housing for recovering people returning to the community from treatment centers and prisons.

Exodus Works is a drug-free, supervised labor force that provides employment opportunities for our residents in a variety of enterprises that generate revenue to support our programs.

Exodus Workers are here to provide quality services at very affordable prices to meet your needs.

** Tipping is Appreciated!**

I was moving from California and my driver didn’t have a helper to help him move my items off the truck. I called Exodus Works and they responded immediately and sent me two individuals to help move items off the truck. They had saved the day! Not only did they know what they were doing but were a delight to deal with. I can’t say this enough but they are a wonderful group of guys and I would hire them again if I needed anything done around my house. Thank you!

– Robin Walker, online review


Giving A Hand…  Not A Hand-Out!

At Exodus Homes, we give residents a hand…not a handout.  Residents are expected to work full-time and volunteer in the program.  Our operating budget is supported primarily by the revenue generated by Exodus Works and residents’ fees paid from their wages earned on the job.

I recently used Exodus Works for an in- town move that was pretty stressful but these guys were great! They were on time, courteous and handled my belongings with care. I was unable to move in one day so they packed my moving truck then met me the next day at the new location to unpack it. I would not hesitate to use them again but hopefully I won’t have to!

– Mikkiismyname, online review


Residential / Commercial Moving  •  3-4 Movers and a Moving Box Truck  •  We can also pick up and deliver!

Tax-Deductible Donation  • While moving, we will be glad to accept your donation of items we can use in good condition and give you a tax-deductible receipt.

General Labor  •  Need some good workers for a temporary job?  We have a readily available drug-free labor pool, with transportation.

#1 Best Moving Company.

#1 Best Landscaping Company

** We are approved for intrastate household goods moving by the N.C. Utilities Commission, Certificate of Exemption Number C-2458 **

Lawn Care and Landscaping  •  We’ll mow, weed eat, rake leaves, mulch, and do other kinds of yard clean-up.  Contracts available.

 Car Wash and Detailing  •  We do car detailing on-site as well as mobile and valet services.

Thrift Store  • We primarily sell surplus furniture donations in our thrift store. Call 828-324-2390 for pick up.

Thank You all so much! My move went smooth and the movers worked hard and efficiently! Great Job!!! 

– Ariana Caruso, online review

Call us today!  Contact Exodus Works Administrator Angie Benge at 828-324-2390 to schedule any Moving, Landscaping Jobs, or for any Donation Pick-Ups.


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