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When you Donate to Exodus New Life Thrift Store

There is Hope

When you Donate to Exodus New Life Thrift Store, you are helping good men and women have another chance to learn a new way to live after addiction or incarceration. 100% of the sale of donated items is a primary source of funding for our supportive housing program Exodus Homes. There is hope here at Exodus – it is never too late for anyone. We are striving to make our community a better place to live for all people.  With your help, homeless recovering people returning to the community from treatment centers and prisons can get the help they need to become productive, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens of the community. 

We will be glad to pick up donated furniture in good condition! For donation pick up please call 828-324-2390 and ask for Angie Benge. We cannot accept furniture and household accessories that have excessive pet hair, or pet urine, are torn, broken, or smell of cigarette smoke. In that case, you can hire Exodus Works to dispose of these items at the landfill. Please call Angie Benge at 828-324-2390 for disposal of items we cannot use. If needed, we can pick up items in good condition and dispose of items that are not in good condition on the same trip to your home or office. Call us today!