First Horizon Bank Funds Laundry Equipment for Exodus Homes

HICKORY – Exodus Homes, a faith based United Way agency that provides supportive housing for homeless recovering people, has received a $5,000 grant from First Horizon Bank for new laundry equipment in its Ridgeview campus area. Darrell Johnson, First Horizon Bank Senior Vice President has worked with Exodus Homes for years and was aware of their needs in many areas. Last fall he contacted the Rev. Susan Smith, Exodus Homes assistant executive director, to let her know the bank was in a position to help with a special project. 
Exodus Homes has two apartment complexes in the Ridgeview neighborhood with 49 residents who need to do their laundry. Each complex has a laundry room with donated washers and dryers that often break down or work poorly. Each apartment has a designated wash day and if the laundry equipment is not working on their day, the whole wash day schedule is thrown off and some residents miss their turn. Occasionally clothing has been ruined by washers or dryers that do not work properly. “When Darrell called, the laundry room upgrade was definitely at the top of our list of needs” said Smith.   
The grant  will fund the purchase of four heavy duty large capacity washers and four heavy duty large capacity dryers. Each laundry room will have two of each. “This will be a blessing to our residents, keep our laundry days on schedule, and reduce the need to keep replacing old used equipment with more old used equipment” said the Rev. Reggie Longcrier, Exodus Homes executive director.     

Exodus Homes always needs laundry detergent to help with the laundry service in their program. For more information, or to donate laundry detergent please contact the Rev. Susan Smith at 828-962-8196 or