Catawba County United Way Helps Fight Opioid Epidemic at Exodus Homes

HICKORY – When people think of Exodus Homes, many times they think about homeless people coming back to the community from jails and prison. The faith-based supportive housing agency agency wants the community to know that they also serve homeless people returning home from substance abuse treatment centers, and the important role United Way plays in stabilizing new residents who are recovering from opioid addiction to pills and heroin. Most detox centers will treat addiction for 4-7 days before discharge and this is not long enough for most people who have have been using opiates heavily. “When they arrive at Exodus Homes, they are sick and shaky. They are still craving opiates, and not able to fully participate in the recovery program for up to 30 days” says the Rev. Reggie Longcrier, Exodus Homes executive director.
United Way Logo 2015Thanks to a $35,000 grant from the United Way, they have the ability to support these sick residents until they are strong enough to participate in the program fully, especially in the vocational training program Exodus Works. During the first 30 days at Exodus Homes, United Way funds help support a period of stabilization so they can receive medical care and social services while they rest and get their strength back. “We are very grateful for the United Way. The funds we receive from them enables us to support residents in that critical first 30 days when they are coming back to life” said the Rev. Susan Walker, assistant executive of the agency.

Exodus Homes has been a United Way agency since 2001 and their funding has been a key to success for the organization which is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year. For more information about how to apply for the program, call Catie Brown at 828-324-4870 or go to their website The application is under the “Program” tab and it needs to be faxed to 828-324-7983.